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I am trainer, coach and author specialising in one to one skills.

Unimenta Expert – Workplace Training

I'm delighted to have been asked to Join Unimenta's team of experts. My specialism is Workplace Training. Also on the team we have Martin Haworth - his specialism is coaching, and Paul Z Jackson, who  has plenty to teach us about using Applied Improv, Unimenta is a  membership support site for teachers, practitioners & [...]

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Knowing Your Business Show

  This week I was interviewed (I use the term loosely!) by the Knowing Your Business Show. The result was two hapless DJ's roleplaying how to deal with a colleague with a personal hygiene issue after asking me for advice on dealing with sticky situations - so if you like some comedy with your business [...]

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“Ideal for international students”

Face to Face in the Workplace is becoming recognised as a very useful text for international students. its clear layout and simple structure make it easy to navigate, even if English is not your mother tongue.  “I teach international students on HND and university access courses. They need just the right information to succeed, and [...]

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Oxford Yes Group

I'm delighted to be speaking for Oxford Yes Group this month, on 21st May 2013 at 7.30pm. If you have never been to a Yes group before, do check them out. They describe themselves as: "A local movement of vibrant people who meet every third Tuesday of the month to celebrate each other’s successes [...]

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Do people feel threatened around you? Here’s some questions to ask yourself

Bitten off anyone’s head today? A survey out recently says that almost half of workers feel ‘actively threatened’ by their boss (reported by CIPD and HR Management magazine) .   The professions with the highest level of offenders were the Civil Service, doctors, scientists and retail. No doubt they all have [...]

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Mentoring Skills

This month Business Executive magazine have published my article on mentoring skills, which talks about the importance of the first meeting. Mentoring is growing rapidly in popularity as an effective method of developing talent, and has been taken on board by many successful organisations. Mentoring Skills If you would are interested in developing mentoring skills, [...]

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Blog for trainers at Unimenta

I have been asked to write a new monthly blog for Unimenta, a great organisation that  supports trainers . It"provides materials, tailored advice and consultancy for any practitioner delivering training in soft skills and effective behaviour for the workplace"   If you know any trainers or coaches working with soft skills, do make sure they [...]

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Do you recognise The Dark Triad? Protecting Yourself from a Psychopath

Do you have impossible people to deal with? Some people just can’t be helped…. And yet we persist in trying. We drain our energy, banging our head against the wall – and the biggest tragedy is that others, who would flourish with some encouragement ,are neglected because The Impossible One [...]

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Manager magazine say “Well worth the read”

Manager magazine, which is the magazine of The Institute of Administrative Management, have reviewed Face to Face in the Workplace. They say: “Very reader friendly..very practical…  overall a comprehensive handbook that is instructive and well  structured. Well worth the read for even the most experienced manager.” The full review is here: […]

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Fifty Shades of Meaning -Clearing the grey from people management

The current issue of Midlands in Business  includes an "Fifty Shades of Meaning: Clearing the grey from people management". It features some of the techniques from Face to Face in the Workplace. You can find it on page 12: http://www.midlandsinbusiness.com/e-magazine/  By Julie Cooper Author of Face to Face in the Workplace "If you deal with [...]

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Collaboration – How can it help my business?

 At our mastermind group, we recently discussed collaboration. We all agreed that collaboration is a good thing for business, but were maybe a little foggy on exactly how it can help us. We were also concerned that there may be pitfalls to be aware of– some of us had come [...]

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The best gift for your staff – appreciation

It‘s the season of good will, so let’s capitalise on the lovely festive spirit. Much as you may want to give your colleagues huge bonuses and generous gifts, it may not be possible – business has been tough for us all this year, and we all need to spend wisely. [...]

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Guardian Careers – The Art of Delegation

The Art of Delegation: A How To Guide was  published in Guardian Careers today. You can read the full article here Make no mistake, you can make or break your success on the management path by the way you delegate. The best managers are surrounded by willing staff who are not only able to [...]

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Business Executive say ‘Highly recommended’

Business Executive magazine have today reviewed Face to Face in the Workplace and given it three stars - their highest rating. They say "Valuable tips and guidance...The style of the book is easy to read and manageable, as much of it is set out in short paragraphs, with plenty of bullet points and questions. [...]

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Face to Face: The Workshop. Interpersonal Skills Training

How do you get busy managers to deal more effectively with their people? To always know the right thing to say? To turn around difficult conversations? Give them the toolbox and show them how to use it. Interpersonal Skills Training A one day lively, engaging workshop that will introduce the [...]

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The impact that change can have on your people

This is Bircham Windmill – it’s beautiful, you can understand why people have fought to preserve it. But we know that beauty and heritage isn’t sufficient to meet the demands of our needs today – change is constant. You could argue that updating technology is a piece of cake compared [...]

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HR Director Review

HR Director have just published a review of Face to Face in the Workplace by Lynda Holt. Lynda says: “This year’s must have book for managers… There are many books for managers, and you can be excused for being a little cynical about the value of one more, until you [...]

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The journey to print: How writing a book happened

People keep asking questions about writing a book, how I found time, how I got to print etc, so I thought I’d share a few of the answers. I’m always happy to answer questions if you have any more! Writing a book Face to Face in the Workplace  started like [...]

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