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man_on_roadWe’re all unique. We have different skills, talents, experience… and blind spots! Most of us could do with a helping hand now and again to help us see the wood from the trees.

One to one coaching is often a wise way forward. It provides a safe, secure space where the individual can explore how they operate, discover direction and be gently challenged. Coaching helps you to find your own answers and puts the bounce back.

If you provide it for your people, they may learn to change their thinking or attitude, and get on the right track to meet their goals. It provides confidential support, movement from stuck positions – and is frequently re-energising and reinvigorating. know that energised, focused staff will give you much better results than stale, stuck-in-the-mud staff – so you both get the benefit and the investment will reap rewards.

When to use Coaching

Do you have an people issue that a pep talk or training course isn’t going to fix?
Perhaps someone in your team does?
Or maybe you have a rising star with real potential you are keen to make the most of?

A confidential discussion will help you work out if coaching is the right way forward for you or your people.

We are here to help you, so please email us on or call 0845 5197 571

It’s a Nice Day for a Coaching Conversation

As well as using external coaches, most companies recognise the benefits of training their own people in in some basic coaching skills. This means that they can spot opportunities to have coaching conversations during the working day, helping their staff to become proactive problem solvers.

Nice Day for Coaching ConversationWe have developed a unique, memorable training course especially for busy people. You can download the course outline here. There is an article explaining why it is different here.  There are comments from previous delegates on our testimonials page too.

It is usually two days long, but it is flexible so we can adapt it to meet your needs.

If you are a larger organisation with an ongoing need for training in coaching skills, you could consider buying our Trainer’s Pack for your own trainers to deliver.  There are further details here. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss if this is right for you.