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The One to One Toolkit: Tips and Strategies for Advisers, Coaches & Mentors

ISBN 978-0955968051

Price £14.99 Ebook £3.99

If your job involves helping people move forward in their career, learning or personal development, then you need this book!

The One to One Toolkit has been widely used by training organisations to support career coaching and IAG (information, advice and guidance) qualifications since 2008, and is now in it’s second edition. It is user friendly, giving simple frameworks and tools to equip coaches, counselors, advisers and mentors in their work.

Experienced career coaches and advisers love it too, it can give you new ideas, help you when you are ‘stuck’ with a client and give you food for thought so that you can reflect on your own practice.

Part One takes you, step by step, through a tried and trusted model for giving advice, including highlighting dangers and difficulties in a “how to” manner.

Part Two provides a more in depth model to be used when helping clients who need more support or direction.

Part Three is The Toolkit – a collection of bite sized theories, tips, exercises and strategies that can be used with clients in a one to one setting.

These are cross referenced to particular difficulties coaches and advisers face (e.g. negative, dithering or unrealistic clients).

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The One to One Toolkit has been widely praised by advisers, career coaches and trainers:

“I am currently undertaking Diploma in CIAG and this the One to One Toolkit was highly recommended by my assessor. I really like the way it has been written – simple, unpretentious and realistic – very down to earth and in ‘Plain English’! This book has certainly met my expectations. Well done and Thank you. ”

“A bible for all IAG advisors. It is presented in a straight forward interesting way that holds your attention and makes things extremely clear. Highly recommended.” Emma Shipman.

“I love this little book. I’ve been a careers adviser for 24 years but this book gives me new guidance ideas every time I open it. “It covers the basic guidance techniques in the first sections, which is either a good introduction for a new practitioner or revision for someone like me who has been around too long. Then the toolkit gives a fantastic summary of lots of techniques to try with clients… whether you go through it all or if you dip into it when you are in need of inspiration or just want to try out different ways of helping your clients. Highly recommended.” Liz Reece.

“I just wanted to say what a useful addition your book is to the basic texts available for practitioners. I run a lot of NIACE training sessions and have been recommending it to attendees” Lesley Haughton, NIACE Fellow.

“Good luck with further sales of the book. I thought it was excellent” Margaret Dane, AGCAS Chief Executive.

“I have just finished reading your book ‘one to one tool kit’ I could not put it down. I will be including this on my reading list for NVQ level 3 and 4 students as I am sure they will find it a very useful reference and help them to develop their advice and guidance practice” Nick Boulter, Tutor – Information Advice and Guidance.

“I find the Toolkit really useful. Some great ideas to help IAG practitioners address some of their challenges, especially for dealing with managing expectations. I will recommend it as a handbook to the organisations I work with” Liz Rolfs, Centre Co-ordinator.

“I love the book – it’s really great and I will encourage all my IAG candidates to get a copy” Trish Kreft, Training 4 People Ltd.

“I just wanted to say what an amazing pair of books (1:1 and groupwork) you have both written – I have used them extensively for my assignments during the Level 7 with QCG at London South Bank Uni and they have really aided my understanding as you make the language so accessible and translate theory into practicable tools and approaches. Thanks again.” Melanie Forrester