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“This years Must have Book” HR Director

The price of the Kindle version of Face to Face in the Workplace has been reduced, meaning you can now buy it  for £2.99 (or borrow it for free if you belong to Amazon Prime).

People Management

If you spend time dealing with people, this book will help you get the very best of of your conversations, saving you time and reducing the issues that slow you down.

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This book is very useful for managers and those interested in communicating effectively in all areas of work life, at home and socially.

The Basics section is just that – all the things you should know but might need to dust off, polish up and hone, to give you the edge that makes you stand out as a great manager and colleague. Just pick a topic and you are presented with what you need to think about, steps to take, pitfalls and warnings. The things you may have learnt through more detailed management courses during your working life but without having to take time out of the office.

“Ah Ha” moments where you realise that you know that but have filed it away in your memory. Excellent for refreshing your communication skills before difficult conversations and meetings including redundancy. Having been through redundancy 3 times myself, it was interesting to see how my experiences compared to the strategies Julie Cooper suggests and she hit’s the nail on the head.

Clear, easy to read and full of content. I especially enjoyed the light, refreshing humour which keeps you flicking the pages wanting to see what else is hidden between the covers.

This is a must for budding management newbies through to old hands. If you are short on time but want to be your best, this is a great investment.

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By Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace

“If you deal with people you need this book” Buy your copy  here


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