ManagerManager magazine, which is the magazine of The Institute of Administrative Management, have reviewed Face to Face in the Workplace. They say:

“Very reader friendly..very practical…  overall a comprehensive handbook that is instructive and well  structured. Well worth the read for even the most experienced manager.”

The full review is here:

Manager Magazine review

In broad terms this book is a handbook of strategies for effective  discussions. The book makes the point that our reliance on electronic  communication can lessen our opportunities for developing those still very necessary ‘face to face’ communication skills.

Very importantly emphasis is given to the fact that some situations  need a face to face meeting. The point is made that the ‘click of a  button’ approach to communication is not always effective and may cause rather than resolve problems.

The format is very reader friendly and first sets out the need for a  number of basic skills then proceeds to consider a range of situations  that will be met in the workplace.

The content is very practical and the author honestly points out that  it is sometimes repetitive. But since situations overlap and some  aspects of communication are common to a number of situations I saw

this as a positive, rather than a negative element.It was also made very clear that in meetings who must be able to see  the other person’s point of view. Unless you recognise that their view  of a situation is likely to different to yours effective communication  is not feasible. You need to adapt your approach and style of  communication to achieve rapport. Likewise you need to project a  positive image of yourself and the area discussed.

I particularly liked the sections “the three step tango” and “managing  the dark triad”. I think when you read the book you will call to mind  many situations where this guidance would have proved helpful.

Within individual sections there is advice on preparing for  discussions, warning as to possible pitfalls and the value of checking  for understanding. You are left in little doubt that your own  integrity and future image are often on the line.

So overall a comprehensive handbook that is instructive and well  structured. Well worth the read for even the most experienced manager.

Mike Turner FInstAM October 2012

By Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace

“If you deal with people you need this book” Buy your copy  here


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