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Spring Development webinarA psychometric assessment can give you reliable, objective information about a person in your organisation, or about a prospective new member. You’ll also find them invaluable for finding better ways of getting a team to work together. Often they are used when you’re :

Recruiting new staff, by highlighting the areas to explore at interview that you may otherwise have missed. This can save costly and damaging mistakes.

Identifying high flyers and top talent, and helping them to hone their skills and progress their careers.

Helping team members explore their own behavioural style, so they understand psychometric assessmenthow others see them and adapt their approach to work better. This can be critical: people don’t always recognise how their behaviour affects others, or how others prefer them to behave. Getting this right is the oil on the wheels of productivity.

The choice of tests can be bewildering, but we will help you choose the assessment that best meets your needs, whether it is about personality or ability, and will discuss the results and leave you with a full report. Popular choices include:


This psychometric assesses an individual’s personality against 16 key scales which reflect behaviour. These 16 scales can be combined to give five Global Factors: extraversion, anxiety, tough-mindedness, independence,self-control.The results will help you see which working environments the candidate is more or less suited to, styles of leadership, how they deal with pressure, how they approach tasks and situations, and the role they play best in a team.


The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This is the most widely used assessment for understanding personality differences– differences that can cause misunderstanding and friction.Based on over fifty years of research, it is extremely effective for building an understanding of motivations, potential areas for growth, and how other team members may work differently.


Please note that we always adhere to the British Psychological Society’s Code of Conduct for Registered Test Users.

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