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Face to Face in the Workplace: A Handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions

ISBN 978-0955968037

Price £12.79 Ebook £2.99

“This year’s Must Have book” HR Director

This highly acclaimed book has won praise from many sources and is rapidly becoming adopted as a key reference tool, both for busy managers and also students on business courses. See the reviews below!

Do you want to improve results? Decrease misunderstanding? Stop wasting time and increase your effectiveness when managing others? Do you ever have conversations that don’t get you what you want? If so, you will need to know how to approach any discussion, no matter how sensitive the topic.

This practical guide will help you get it right every time.

Always know what to say… and how to listen.

For 26 different discussions, conversations and meetings between you and a colleague, you’ll find a step-by-step framework to guide you in getting the best out of the people you manage – and yourself.

  • Thousands of pounds’ worth of professional training and coaching material in one £20 book
  • Over 250 powerful pages
  • 26 distinct strategies in alphabetical order

By applying these frameworks you will:

  • Approach difficult meetings with confidence
  • Save time, because you’ve prepared effectively
  • Make your point and reach agreement
  • Handle discussions that please everyone involved
  • Improve your people management skills – and your career prospects!

“I would like to congratulate Julie Cooper for creating one of the most practical workplace guides I’ve used. The guide is refreshingly easy to use and a great quick reference aide-memoire in how to get the best from discussions with colleagues and team members. In my view all team leaders should have a copy on their desk at all times to help optimise communications. I’m ordering several copies to hand out to my colleagues and would recommend the guide to other enlightened leaders”.  Maurice Herring, Director, Herring Partners

The Sunday Times Featured Book 21.10.12.

“Highly Recommended. Valuable tips and guidance…The style of the book is easy to read and manageable, as much of it is set out in short paragraphs, with plenty of bullet points and questions. A good read if you’re looking to improve your communication skills”. ” Business Executive Magazine, Nov 2012

“With a clear talent for giving you what you need to know,  Julie Cooper, has compiled an exceptional handbook for managers and aspiring managers in all industry sectors. There are plenty of gems in this book that you will not want to miss. I think its real value is in it’s no nonsense approach to the kinds of issues we often feel we should know and be able to do as a manager, the ones we don’t always feel we can ask for help with. For this reason I thoroughly recommend this book as a personal investment or as a corporate investment for all managers in your organisation.” HR Director

“Reviewing this book was a joy…There is good, solid theory gleaned from reputable sources and suggestions for further reading, alongside simply stated, practically-focused advice… they’re all there and beautifully summarised.” HR Zone

The format is very reader friendly ,The content is very practical …So overall a comprehensive handbook that is instructive and well  structured. Well worth the read for even the most experienced manager.” Manager

“Julie Cooper follows up her bestselling One to One Toolkit with this easy-to-read tome about face-to-face workplace conversations. In practice that means a breezy guide to such quotidian workplace concerns as listening, body language, asserting yourself, giving appraisals, conflict management, delegating and handling disciplinary meetings.

The book…whizzes through these topics, offering nuggets of advice, words of warnings and definitions, with a strong focus on empathy – one of the hooks of the book is that it always refers back to “TOPI” (The Other Person Involved).

…if you’re a manager…..this is a great place to get an overview of workplace issues. It’s well laid-out, straightforward, upbeat, and pleasingly free of monstrous jargon. All of which makes it very handy to dip in and out of – pretty useful if you’re a time-poor manager with lots of TOPIs to deal with.” ILM Edge

….and there are 25  five star reviews at Amazon too!