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We specialise in people skills training and management development. Training  should never be a drudge.We believe that learning is inextricably linked to enjoyment. The better the experience, the greater the learning. This doesn’t mean whistles, bells and futile games; we are always purposeful and focused. Quite often we even leave the PowerPoint at home. We always  have a light touch and an easy manner that makes it easy to engage with the topic at hand.

Our Training Approach

Because we love what we do, our good humour is evident. We love seeing those light bulb moments, and – short of doing cartwheels – we do all we can to make them happen.We think on our feet, provide excellent back up materials, and don’t abandon you when the day is over – your delegates can contact us with any questions for as long as they like while they learn to put their new skills into action.

We can build a programme that directly addresses your training needs, which we Trainingwill carefully identify through discussion with you. Typically, It may run for several days spread over a few months, to give your people time to practise new skills and implement changes. If it is difficult to release your people, talk to us about flexible options – for example, we can deliver webinars just for you.

Often, powerful tools like 360 feedback or personality assessments are used to help increase understanding of the behavioural changes that are needed. If your top talent are important to you, you will want them to have the very best, so you may choose for them to have individual coaching between training sessions. We will discuss and agree with you how we are going to measure the success of the programme – and we love helping you celebrate success!

People Skills Training

We specialise in People Skills – you might call them soft skills. You probably don’t need us to tell you that these skills are critical for success in business in today’s world. We all need to be able to build relationships, explain ourselves clearly, influence and adapt to another’s style.

Here are examples of some of the topics we deliver training on.  Click on any one to see a course outline, but don’t forget we will always tailor to meet your needs.


Coaching Skills

Effective one to ones

Emotional Intelligence

Face to Face: the Workshop

Getting the Best from Others

Influencing and persuading

Interpersonal skills

Understanding personality type using MBTI

Managing Difficult People

Motivating others

You can see an outline of Its a Nice Day for a Coaching Conversation here

As part of our affiliation with Unimenta, we are proud to be able the offer The Advantage Workshop,  a two-day experiential learning workshop which raises immediate awareness of the skills of adaptability, empathy, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. These are the skills that underpin everything else in terms of effectiveness and impact.

Management Training

Our productivity hinges on effective relationships, especially between line managers and their staff. Are your managers handling their teams in the best possible way? Do they get optimum productivity and commitment from their teams? Can they delegate and manage performance effectively?

We have a three day introductory course that will help your people understand what the role is, assess their own performance, then learn how to inspire a team and manage individuals effectively: Leadership and Management: An Introduction

Other Management Training includes: 

Running Effective Appraisals,  Managing People: An Introduction Mentoring your Apprentice, Creativity, Developing People, Managing Performance,  Presentation Skills, Self  Awareness for Managers, Team Building, Time Management,  Train the Trainer.

You can see more about some of the the half day modules in our Manager’s Toolkit here.

We can build a management and leadership programme that meets your specific needs.


Training costs vary, so the figures below are general guidelines. We’ve given daily rates for ease, but  of course you may want half days, lunchtime learning, webinars, action learning sets….All these and more are possible. We’ll help you work out what is best for you. All initial meetings are without obligation, to explore whether we are right for each other.

If you want a day’s training – or multiple days – on a straightforward topic for up to 12 people, it’s likely to cost around: £1200 per training day.  Reduced costs may be available for multiple or duplicate days.

This will include a meeting with you to understand the brief, all materials plus collated evaluation forms returned to you after the training.

If you want a day’s training that is bespoke to your company and requires materials being adapted to meet your needs, we will need a couple of meetings to understand the brief, write an outline for you, then fine tune it to make sure we deliver what you need, it’s likely to cost around £1500 per training day

This will include meetings with you, writing a bespoke course outline, all materials plus collated evaluation forms returned to you after the training.

If you want the very best support, we you by helping you to analyse your people’s needs and weigh up the options.  We’ll suggest a range of ways forward, and we’ll develop the solution together over several meetings. We can talk to your people too, to find out how they want to learn and what their challenges are. We’ll build in bespoke measurements so that you can see the success of the programme too. This is likely to cost around: £1800 – £2200 per training day

This will include as many meetings with you as we need, a bespoke course outline that we will develop together, all materials plus an evaluation follow up meeting.

For more information, please email us on or call 0845 5197 571. We are centrally based on the border between Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, so we are ideally place to deliver management training and people skills training throughout England.