It‘s the season of good will, so let’s capitalise on the lovely festive spirit. Much as you may want to give your colleagues huge bonuses and generous gifts, it may not be possible – business has been tough for us all this year, and we all need to spend wisely.

Fortunately, things other than presents and bonuses can be longer lasting, and appreciated more. Here are Three Top Tips that will motivate and inspire your team more than tinsel and turkey:

Appreciation and thanks

Give them specific, genuine thanks for their contribution. Even maintaining steady output is a big achievement these days. Make sure your people know that you appreciate their efforts, skills and attitude. Specific thanks work better than a general “well done”; make it clear what it is you are thinking them for. If it helps them realise what their key strengths are, so much the better. never underestimate the power of appreciation.


Be interested in them as people. The more you understand about what is important to appreciationthem, what their values are and how they make decisions, the better equipped you are to manage and motivate them.  One size fits all management won’t help you discover what makes your top people tick. Take the opportunity at the Xmas party to find out things you didn’t already know. Spend a few minutes thinking about good topics of conversation that aren’t too heavy, but will help you get better understanding.


Give your top performers good PR. Tell others about their achievements. Does your boss recognise who is responsible for the successes in your team? Do your customers or teams in other departments know who has gone the extra mile? It will increase confidence, and  probably their commitment too – recognition is an important factor in staff engagement. Rest assured, reflected glory back at you won’t be far behind.

Of course, positive feedback and valuing your people shouldn’t be seasonal, but this week might provide you with plenty of opportunities to raise your game. Why am I so keen that you do it now? Well, many of us use the Xmas break to evaluate our career, hopes and ambition. If you have armed your team with fresh knowledge about how they are valued, and what they are really good at, you are giving them the tools to reflect well and make sound decisions.

If your team came back in the New Year with renewed enthusiasm, clear vision and determination too succeed, what difference could it make to you?

Have a great Christmas!

By Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace

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