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http://www.dreamstime.com/-image14094764To get the best from your team, you need their input and ideas. Sometimes the workplace is the worst place for this; with the distraction of day-to-day business it can be impossible to find the time and space to get the big ideas together.

We can devise an effective awayday programme that keeps the world out, harnessing creativity and stimulating thought.


We’ll work with you to uncover and prioritise your key challenges. If you would like an independent eye, we can interview your managers or team to discover the key issues from their perspective. We’ll report back to you with suggestions, ideas and an analysis of the key issues.

On the day you can be part of the team, and still have the advantage of our independent voice asking the questions you might have missed.

We’ll select problem solving strategies and activities that will work for the challenges in your business, and you can expect to go home with action points, clear vision and a way forward.

Is an Awayday right for you?Awayday

Here are a few comments from previous awaydays:

“One of the best overall programmes in terms of content, relevance, interest”

“Constructive review of the key issues, good conclusions reached”

“I felt we addressed the issues that the team are experiencing in a positive and helpful way”

“It was animated and inclusive. People got involved in the discussions. There will be positive outcomes and it progressed things we need to progress as a group”

“I was impressed and found it better and more constructive than I thought it would be.”

“Constructive and informative, aided each member of the team to understand each other”

“Very useful. It shaped the issues well and enabled us to share experiences”

“Productive and enjoyable. Interactive, all contributed and felt comfortable doing so.”
“Good, productive, worthwhile”

“Style of facilitation fitted well with the group dynamics and personalities. Very constructive atmosphere generated.”

“Informal, with a sense of fun. Wonderful candidness. Got to know colleagues better. Lots to think about and implement”

If your team are ready to move forward, let’s talk about the possibilities. Call us on 0771 888 6708 or email us on hello@springdevelopment.net.