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Do your people need training in coaching skills?


Nice Day for Coaching ConversationNice Day training is a cost effective, enjoyable way to give your delegates the skills and confidence to use coaching conversations at every opportunity – and you can now buy the training materials.

Based on a story to make sure it sticks, the training introduces the Nice Day model and practices the techniques needed to make coaching successful. Once the basics have been mastered, there are exercises to embed a range of advanced skills. Delegates will have plenty of opportunity to coach, be coached and also receive feedback from their peers.

 Nice Day training materials are now available for purchase so that you can run your own programmes.  The Trainer’s Pack contains everything you need to successfully run a two day programme.

The training is suitable for anyone who needs to help others develop their skills and solve their own problems such as line managers, team leaders, HR practitioners and mentors for apprentices.

To use the Trainer’s Pack effectively, you will need to have some training and coaching experience. If you are not sure if it is the right fit for you, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a call to talk it through.

The Trainer’s Pack contains:

  • Course Programme
  •    Tutor Guide
  •    Powerpoint presentations
  •    44 page Learning Guide
  •    Additional handouts
  •    The story of Thrugmunk

Also included is a coaching call or webinar to take you through the materials.

You can buy either an individual licence for one trainer to use, or a multiple user licence if you have a team of trainers who will all need access.


Why should I choose Nice Day training materials?

Because they are more memorable than most!  The Nice day model, story and some of the tools included are unique – you won’t find them elsewhere.

I’m a freelance trainer. Can I use it with several clients?

You can use it with as many clients as you like. The materials are for your personal use. What you can’t do is pass the full training pack on to other trainers. They will need to buy their own Trainer’s pack.

 We have a training team. Can several people use the pack?

Yes, we have a corporate package that will equip your team to run the training.

 Can you run the training for us?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss availability and costs. If you are planning to deliver Nice Day yourselves in the future, it can be a good idea to have your trainers go through the training first to see how it works.

What options are there for additional support?

Whatever you need. We can come and train your trainers. Ideally they would go through the programme themselves, then stay for a third day to practise their delivery skills.

We can also provide ongoing email and phone support if you want it.

  Can you provide the Learning Guides to save us printing?

Yes. We can get them printed  in high quality full colour and sent directly to you.  Please get in touch so that we can confirm the cost. There are economies of scale, so planning ahead is helpful.

If you need a larger amount, contact us and we will get a price for you.

How many people can we train at one time?

Up to 12 is recommended. If your group size needs to be bigger, consider putting a second trainer in to help make sure that everyone is observed and assisted.

 Do the learning guides need to be printed, or can delegates work from their laptops?

Good question. It is possible, but probably easier to have a printed version.  Some of the exercises are written then shared and discussed, which can be easier with paper. Also, delegates work from the model when they are beginning to coach. Working from a screen isn’t really conducive for building rapport. You could get away with printing  some of the pages if you need to.

Do we need to deliver it over two consecutive days, or can we break it up?

You’ll find it quite flexible. Two consecutive days is ideal, but it is easily broken into smaller modules if that is what will work for you.

The second day has advanced tools to practice. It’s very likely that you won’t have time to cover them all, so running ongoing short sessions to introduce new tools or reflect on how they are getting on can be very effective.

 What do I need to do next?

If you are ready to buy, get in touch and we will arrange to send you the materials and invoice you. Phone 0845 5197 571 (local rate) or email

If you need more information or have more questions, check these resources first. You can download the course outline here. There is an article explaining why it is different here. There is a short Youtube video here that tells you a bit more about the training and the model, and also showcases the materials.

We are always happy to help you decide if it is the right course for you. We are much more interested in helping you find the right training materials than making a quick sale, so don’t expect a sales pitch or pressure if you call.


Single user licence  £699

Corporate package: We come to you for the day , train up to six of your people to use the materials. £1999

We can provide high quality Learning Guides if you don’t want to print your own from the PDF we provide as part of the pack. Please ask for current prices.

 Why train our people in coaching skills?

Harvard Business Review say it’s The one skill managers need to go from good to great

TLNT quote a study that found that coaching improves business results by 21%

Forbes cites research that says 81% of the organizations surveyed planned to expand their scope of managers/leaders using coaching skills.

This white paper quotes a Price Waterhouse Cooper research that says ROI on coaching spend is 7 times the investment


Globoforce reckon that 93% of managers need training in coaching skills!