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Five Steps to Being Heard: How to Get Your Message Across to the Right Person

ISBN 978 0955968099

Price £4.43  Free Ebook

Do you sometimes get taken for granted or overlooked? Are you always recognised for the talents you bring? Communication can be tricky. If you want someone to hear your message, then this is the book for you. It will help you identify why your message isn’t always being heard, and give you strategies to makes sure the people who matter hear what you have to say. Start being heard now.

Filled with practical tips, stories and examples Five Steps takes you through being:


It also helps you answer key questions, tells you clearly what not to do and helps you plan the steps you need to take to get heard. Clearly.

“A great book on how to make an impact and get your message across. Easy to read and jam packed full of questions and tips to really be heard. Excellent for business and personal relationships. I really found this useful. I’ve taken lots from it and think I’ll be referring to it quite a lot.”

Jessica Green, Digital Diva

Being able to communicate effectively and make an impact is something that concerns a lot of people. We know this because having been doing 360 degree feedback with clients for quite a while now we’ve seen it come up time and time again.

 Five Steps to Being Heard took me about an hour to read, and it was an hour well spent. It takes all the building blocks of getting your message across effectively and puts them into a clearly defined structure that is easy to understand and remember. There may be a lot of stuff in here that you already know – it would be surprising if you didn’t – but what you will learn is how to assemble it all together in a way that makes sense and gets results.

 How to see what will interest the other person, get you noticed, direct your message, inspire them and get them to continue taking notice of you are all vital components to getting your message across to the right person. This enjoyable little book shows you how to do just that.

Richard Oppenheimer, founder and owner of Appraisal360 – provider of 360 degree feedback solutions.