HR Director have just published a review of Face to Face in the Workplace by Lynda Holt. Lynda says:

“This year’s must have book for managers…

There are many books for managers, and you can be excused for being a little cynical about the value of one more, until you pick up ‘Face to Face in the Workplace’ that is. With a clear talent for giving you what you need to know, the author, Julie Cooper, has compiled an exceptional handbook for managers and aspiring managers in all industry sectors.

The real value in this book comes from the Author’s ability to take complex, emotion driven, anxiety-provoking activities and break them into a structure and process that any of us can learn to follow.

Whether senior or junior, new or experienced, there are plenty of gems in this book that you will not want to miss. I think its real value is in it’s no nonsense approach to the kinds of issues we often feel we should know and be able to do as a manager, the ones we don’t always feel we can ask for help with. For this reason I thoroughly recommend this book as a personal investment or as a corporate investment for all managers in your organisation.”

You can read the full review here. HR Director are also offering a copy of Face to Face in the Workplace to the first 10 subscribers after the next issues.

By Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace

“If you deal with people you need this book” Buy your copy  here


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