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I am trainer, coach and author specialising in one to one skills.

How to Discuss 360 Feedback: The Book

I’ve come across many HR folk and trainers that are understandably a bit nervous about giving 360 feedback. It can be a sensitive situation, and needs to be handled with care. It’s also important to make sure that there are positive outcomes, or it as all been a waste of [...]

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Psychopaths in the Workplace – Guest post by Jeremy Renals

First published in the journal of Oxford Business College Pros and Cons: Psychopaths in the business environment This feature investigates what  psychopaths in the workplace are like, how to spot them, and how psychopaths can be bad or good for a business organisation. It also raises questions about a possible contagious effect of the psychopathic mind set. [...]

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Face to Face Workshop Offer

Here’s our Special Spring Offer: We will deliver a complimentary two hour Interpersonal Skills workshop when you buy 20 copies of the highly acclaimed Face to  Face in the Workplace for your staff. What’s in it for you? Face to Face in the Workplace  is designed to make training budgets go further, by helping staff to help [...]

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Can you delegate your anxiety?

I had a phone call from a journalist at the Evening Standard recently – she had seen the article on delegation I wrote a while back for Guardian Careers (you can see that here). She wanted to know if I thought that executives felt stress because they were unable to delegate. Of course, there is an [...]

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Facing a personality assessment? Don’t panic!

  Many employers use personality questionnaires when recruiting, especially when they are looking to fill senior positions or they are looking for very specific personality traits. It can feel like a dark art is being used, but really it isn’t! Here are a few tips to help you prepare. […]

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The decisions you make, the action you take…and neuroplasticity!

I recently had the honour of speaking at the graduation ceremony for Oxford Business College. I talked about DNA – no, not that DNA, this one…  Decision making It occurred to me that for many of us, choosing a college is the last big decision we make that is heavily influenced by adults –  parents [...]

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So you don’t do small talk? Maybe you should

So you don’t do small talk? You have no need for inconsequential trivia? I’m sure you’d rather deal in the important stuff of life. I hear this quite often. I’m sure the perpetrators don’t intend to take the moral high ground, yet it feels like that sometimes.  Let me tell [...]

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Being asked for help? Here’s six ways you can respond

People coming to us for advice is a normal part of life. They might be asking questions, wanting solutions or guidance on how to sort something out. Have you ever thought about the ways you can respond? One thing is for sure – there is not a ‘one size fits [...]

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Decisions, teamies and inspiration

Decisions, teamies and inspiration were the themes from this episode of the Knowing Your business Show.  Three seemingly diverse businesses turned out to  have much in  common. I really enjoyed co-hosting, giving me the opportunity to quiz business owners. […]

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What does success look like in your organisation?

I was asked recently to run a couple of sessions for HR students  on success in organisations.  I asked them to identify ‘What good looks like’ in their own companies – always a useful exercise, as we are usually much better at pointing out the short comings than recognising the [...]

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‘Love Your Job’ Awards

The  ‘Love Your Job’ Awards  ceremony  was a lovely event, filled with positivity and news of great achievements. I was honoured to be asked to give the National Careers Service Award for Innovation and Improvement […]

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This Time it’s Personnel: Humane Resourced

  A collection of articles written by a wide variety of HR professionals on topics they feel passionately about, has been released on Kindle today, bringing a real insight into today's business issues. "This Time its Personnel" is a follow up to the hugely popular "Humane, Resourced",  has been published on Kindle and gone to the top of [...]

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Creativity vs. Decision Making – and why ‘Just do it!’ is sometimes wrong

I married a creative genius, who constantly comes up with all kinds of ideas, sometimes practical, sometimes not. He just doesn’t see the boundaries that most of us are hidebound by, so his imagination roams unfettered.  At times, I really appreciate his ability to see things in a different light, [...]

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Knowing Your Business Radio Show

Podcasts from  the Knowing Your Business Show are now available here. I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Matt Bird, the one and only Relationologist,  who was filled with wisdom about how we can improve our people skills – and why it is important. Matt’s site is http://www.relationology.co.uk/ […]

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Are you sure you want to give that feedback?

We all have to give feedback from time to time – or do we? In my experience, it’s common to feel that you ‘have’ to tell someone something that has come to your attention. What is a lot less common, is taking the time to think what will be gained [...]

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Here’s what I did last night….

 Emma Sue Prince, Director of Unimenta spoke at a CIMA event about the themes in her book,The Advantage:The 7 soft skills you need to stay one step ahead  (which I reviewed a while back, here). Emma Sue is passionate about the need for a new skill set  in today’s world, and [...]

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The Perils of Meeting and Greeting

I was asked these questions about meeting and greeting by a journalist recently, so I thought I’d share my responses here. Why do people often mis-judge a greeting (going for a handshake when the other person goes in to kiss)? There are so many variations on greetings these days that [...]

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Harvesting People Skills – How have yours grown?

Reaping what you sow  September is a lovely month. Somehow it combines new beginnings (we never forget the new school year!) with abundance and fruitfulness – the harvest that feeds us for the rest of the year. We may be a long way past school age, but you don’t need me to tell you that [...]

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