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sun tree large360 Feedback is a powerful tool that combines a person’s self evaluation with feedback from all directions around them: directors, line managers, colleagues, associates and subordinates. Many flourishing companies have discovered the  impact of using 360° feedback to identify what change is needed and develop key staff. Questionnaires are completed online, safely and confidentially,using a simple process.

Effective 360 Feedback

The most enlightened organisations have also discovered the benefits of having an external, impartial coach to help individuals take the feedback on board, make sense of it and use it to maximise their potential. Without this, there is a danger that  valuable information can be lost. We are happy to sit down with your people, one at a time, and help them understand and use their feedback.

This provides a safe space for the individuals concerned, and also takes the pressure off busy managers and HR services. Your people will know what they need to do to improve their performance, and will also be motivated by discovering the strengths they can build on.

360 3d 06 02 16We can give you as much or as little help as you need.

  • We can train your people in the art of having a meaningful 360 feedback discussion
  • We can carry out individual feedback meetings with your people
  • We can help you tailor a 360° questionnaire, for example using your competency framework, or devising a profile that fits for you.

If you would like to talk through the options, do get in touch.

You might also like to consider buying How to Discuss 360 Feedback: The Essential Guide for your people,  so that they have a helpful resource to equip them to do the job well. It is a very cost effective resource, ava360 feedbackilable as a paperback and on Kindle (£2.99 ebook, £7.00 paperback). You can buy it here, or through Amazon if you prefer.

Another useful resource is this helpful ebook from Spidergap: Running a large Scale 360 Feedback Project. It will run you through the steps you need to take, help you get an excellent response rate and advise you what you can automate and delegate. Click on the image to download a copy.

If you would like some support with your 360 feedback process, please email us on Hello@springdevelopment.net or call 0845 5197 571