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  • November 4Are you losing time at work dealing with people issues? 
  • Do you wish you could spend less time firefighting, and more time managing?
  • Do you want your people to be better at problem solving?
  • Would you like to be able to deal with disagreements, misunderstandings and conflict more easily?
  • Do you wish your training budget  would stretch a whole lot further?

Face to Face: The Workshop

Here’s the answer..
How about ONE training day, that embeds a simple, unforgettable structure that you can transfer to many, many workplace situations?

You learn a framework to solve one problem – and in doing so, acquire the knowledge and skills  to improve performance and reduce problems in many other areas.

You save the cost of loads of management training days- everyone who attends becomes a proactive problem solver!

JC grinToo good to be true? No. many years of experience training managers – and the contents of at least 30 training days –  is distilled into Face to Face in the Workplace, an easy reading,accessible guide to every discussion a manager will need to have (don’t take our word for it – check out the reviews). This workshop will train your people to:

  • Define the type of conversation they need to have. what exactly is the issue they are facing?
  • Know clearly what Outcomes they need to achieve, for the good of both parties and the organisation
  • Think about the preparation needed before the discussion. Do they have all the facts they need? have they considered all options? What part will emotions play? What ground needs to be covered? How will the other person react?
  • Know what Steps they need to take during the meeting so that they have a simple strategy for success and are confident to go ahead.

This framework, which will be practised and reinforced throughout the day, using topics that are chosen by you. Once it is grasped, you will be able to apply to hundreds of workplace situations. The book contains many  tools, strategies and models to use in the most common discussions (See list below):

Face to Face in the Workshop will:

  • Maximise the return on training, giving you incredible value
  • Improve confidence and competence in dealing with people issues
  • Reduce the probability of problems occurring or escalating
  • Increase commitment, motivation and retention
Face to face in the workplaceWe’ll include a copy of Face to Face in the Workplace for every delegate, and ensure they know how to use it to proactively address all manner of meetings and issues. You can see what people have said about the book here
“If you are short on time, but want to be your best, this is a great investment!”
“The essential manager’s Toolkit. I wish I’d had this years ago”
“Expert knowledge, useful frameworks, Instantly usable”
“An asset for any dynamic business”
“Worth every penny”
Sometimes training days can be very general in content, and it is easy not to transfer learning to the workplace. Not this one. We will keep a tight focus on work based issues, and make sure delegates clearly understand the impact of their behaviour on the bottom line. It’s even customisable, so we can focus on topics you choose.
We will also do a ‘before and after’ questionnaire and collate the responses, so that you can measure every individuals and the groups progress. The cost is £1500 for up to 16 delegates.

Find out more or book your workshop now.

Call 0845 5197 571 now or email us for details: Hello@springdevelopment.net and we’ll get back to you faster than a speeding bullet.

About Face to Face: The Workshop

 Delegates will:

  • Know how to increase positive outcomes from discussions at work
  • Be able to  decrease wasted time and discontent
  • Have improved competence in building relationships and motivating others
  • Be equipped to handle any conversation effectively


  1. What do we bring to a conversation, and what can go wrong?
  2. Understanding how personality, experience and background have impact
  3. What do we need to understand about others? An intro to Big Five personality theory
  4. Common ground – what basic behaviour should apply to all discussions?
  5. What is unique about us, and what can we change about ourselves?
  6. The Three Step Tango – a strategy that works in many circumstances


  1. How to use Face to Face in the Workplace as a tool
  2. The DOTS framework – how to prepare for any conversation
  3. Practice applying it – choose a chapter from Face to Face in the Workplace. This can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs, for example appraisals, inappropriate behaviour, challenging negativity, one to ones, giving feedback.
  4. The Conversation Clinic- working together to improve outcomes


If you are looking for cost effective training that will result in your people becoming confident, proactive problem solvers – this is it! Call 0845 5197 571 or email Hello@springdevelopment.net

Included in Face to Face in the Workplace: Assertive behaviour, Explaining , Listening , Interviewing applicants, Making someone redundant , Saying no, Shutting people up, Introducing change, Self awareness, Dismissing a member of staff, Personality styles, Challenging , Questioning, Credibility, Rapport, Body language, Respect , Appraisals ,Return to work interviews , Challenging attitude, Coaching , Feedback , Conflict , The Dark Triad, Negotiating , Delegating, Exit interviews, Instructing, Influencing, Inappropriate Behaviour, Managing your Boss, Mentoring, Performance gaps, Praising, Supervising ,Reprimanding, Supporting through change, 360° feedback.