Face to Face in the workplaceFace to Face in the Workplace: A handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions currently has 17 five star reviews at Amazon. It seems that people love it’s easy to read, highly practical approach to people management skills. You can read the reviews here.

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Management Skills still high on the agenda

Here are the latest reviews: “I will definitely be recommending this book to my clients and people who attend my Managing Challenging Interactions workshops as it will be a great resource for both new and experienced managers to turn to when faced with those difficult conversations at work. I like the fact that it is easy to dip into, provides practical, straightforward hints and tips to deal with a range of topics from challenging attitude problems, to saying sorry, to dealing with the ‘Dark Triad’ of narcissists, psychopaths and machiavellian personality types.” Melanie Greene

“Rip roaring rollercoaster of a novel, full of sex and violence it isn’t!
What it is, is a well written, well formatted and simple to understand book about how to deal with people, it’s title says ‘in the workplace’ but it’s reach is way beyond that, as it give you the strategies to deal with people in all aspects of life…so you don’t need to be in management to own,or get good use out of it! Although I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that wish their managers would!” Rob White

By Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace “If you deal with people you need this book” 

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