Help, I’m a reader!

Do you ever find that you have a great meeting and get on famously with colleagues – then that document arrives. It could be a report, proposal, project plan or minutes. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be written with you in mind. It doesn’t give you what you need, doesn’t use language that seems in keeping with the task at hand, and frankly, it’s difficult to navigate. Suddenly, your faith in the writer wanes. Can you trust them to play their part?

Of course I can write

writing for business Nobody deliberately produces poor writing. We all think we can do it, and we’re reluctant to admit that maybe we could improve. We do our best using the knowledge we have – or don’t have. Often we fall into traps like losing our main points in too much information, or thinking we need to adapt formal, officious language.

Actually, good writing is a skill set. Rarely do the best reports flow effortlessly from our mind to the screen. There is planning to do, techniques to apply and editing to style the result into the text we want. Even pro writers do this.

I can waste time too

What concerns me is the man hours that are wasted because no one thought to train the people in the glassesskills they need to write convincing, readable work that hits the nail on the head. I see instructions ignored because they are lost in a sea of pages, documents that are rewritten several times and don’t end up any better than they started, relationships damaged because the tone was wrong…the list is endless.

So how should you write for business?

If any of this resonates with you, do take a look at our new Writing for Business courses. We can tailor them to meet your needs by looking at the types of documents your people need to write. We’ll start where your people are, and lead them from there.

Our courses are run by Jeremy Renals, who has been a successful copywriter, editor and tutor for many years. He’d be happy to have a chat about your needs. Drop us a line  or call us on 0845 5197571 and we’ll put you in touch.

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