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Support  for coaches, trainers and others
who want to write a book

Writing a book is not a bed of tulips. It seems like a great idea at first; you have a passion, a unique take on your area of expertise, plenty of drive and a working knowledge of Word. Would book coaching help you?

Some people write their whole book before they even think about how to get it published. Others jot down a few ideas and then stumble because they are not sure how to shape the book. Then there are those that write and write, ending up with a stream of consciousness but no means of translating it into something coherent to reader. Then there are many who self sabotage by silencing the inner voice that encourages them to get their words out to the world. They are thinking of writing a book. At some point. Maybe. Perhaps. When the time is right. I meet many of these on my travels, they often sidle up to me after I’ve given a talk and ask a few questions, before quietly admitting that they would like to write a book, too. They may ask for a tip or two.

I can explain  the different routes to print (or ebook) so that you can make an informed decision. Often, I find that just making the next steps clear is enough in one two hour coaching session is enough to send most new authors rocketing forward. We can review your ideas, listen to what you want to achieve, make sure you understand the best way forward and guide you through the publishing maze. A few simple tips can  sometimes save you a lot of time and effort. I learnt the hard way, and if I can make it easier for you, I will do!

Book Coaching

Do you recognise yourself here? Do you know what your stumbling block is? Of course it does take hard work, concentration and commitment, but for many the obstacles are easy to surmount once you understand a little about the publishing process.

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The Details

You are unique. Every author has different needs, knowledge and experience. For example, you might need help  with:

  • weighing up your ideas
  • finding your writing style
  • the right structure for your book
  • motivation to keep going
  • understanding routes to publication and market
  • … all of the above, or something else!

Wherever you are in the process, I will have an initial discussion with you to make sure I am the right person to help you move forward.

If you decide that you would like to work with me, the cost is £400 per month. This includes:

  • A monthly two hour coaching session
  • Constructive feedback on your writing
  • Helping you to plan the whole process realistically
  • Advice on the best route to publication
  • Ongoing support and encouragement via phone or email
  • Links to the service providers we use (printer, designer etc) if you would like them
  • Accountability!

Having coaching session with me doesn’t mean I will publish you, or do all your proof reading and editing for you – but I can help you explore the options open to you.  My goal is that you end up with a professional produced book that you can be proud of.

I only work with coaches, trainers and similar professionals writing non-fiction, helpful books because that is my area of expertise. I also will only have a maximum of three coachees at any one time so that I can give you my best attention. Do you have questions? Or not sure if this is for you? I am always happy to talk it through so that we can explore if we are right for each other. You can contact me at

I am in Oxfordshire UK,  if you live a long way away, I can coach you via Skype.

Julie Cooper

Book Coaching Reviews

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“It was a really useful meeting and I greatly appreciate you passing on your experience, wisdom and tricks and for suggesting a way through the Review/printing/e-book conundrum”

Mark Hull, Author of  Basic Network Utility Economics


Mark’s book cover was designed by Debbie MacLoughlin at DAM Design www,

“I booked a coaching session with Julie when I was setting up my publishing business.  She gave me valuable advice and encouragement and a year later I have published four books, with two more scheduled for the new year.  Julie’s advice helped me to get things right first time, and helped give me the confidence to make things happen.”

Joanne Henson, WYE Publishing

Joanne HensonThank you Julie, you’ve been amazing at getting me writing and helping me with all the decisions that come with creating a book. I can’t wait til we launch in the spring! Cindy Davis, the Feel Good Coach