I’ve been exploring views on using webinars as training tools. Below are the headlines from the survey plus the beginning of the report, which explains why the research was done. Click the link of you would like to see the full report.

The Headlines

Webinars as Training Tools cover


The main output was confirmation that my existing understanding is pretty spot on – there is a huge range of differing views and experiences out there! In summary:

Most of you would use webinars  to be able to train staff on site in a cost effective way

  • From the topics suggested, ’Giving difficult messages’ is the top  area of training need
  • Although motivation and resistance from learners are a concern, organisational factors and available resources are bigger issues.
  • Many of you can see that webinars could help reinforce existing L&D programmes or plug specific gaps
  • Most of you like the idea of being able to watch and listen again
  • About £30 is the average you would pay to participate, although half of you have no idea what you think a webinar could be worth
  • 30-45 minutes is the most popular length for webinars

What follows is a quick explanation of why I did the survey, then  I’m going  share some of my initial thoughts with you about how challenges can be addressed and how to make webinars work for you.  I’ve included highlights from the surveys along the way. After that, you’ll find a full breakdown of the responses.

 Why I did the Survey

I’m sure I am not alone in noticing wildly differing views on webinars. I’ve had pretty mixed experiences myself, ranging from overblown, emotional sales pitches to staccato, humourless instructions telling me what I Must Do delivered with as much charm as rifle bullets. In the middle, there seems to be an acceptable breed, which revolves around sharing good content, so that you learn to know/like/trust the presenter, followed by the opportunity to buy into working with them. I’m okay with that. It’s a marketing ploy, but not unethical as it can be a win/win. But as a trainer, I couldn’t help but wonder if there are other and better ways of utilising webinar technology. I smell potential.

If you would like to see the rest of the report, please click here

There was a prize draw for those kind to help with the survey. the winners were:

face to face in the workplace

Winner of the £50 Amazon voucher and a copy of Face to Face in the Workplace was Rebecca Booker of Berry Recruitment

Also winning a copy of Face to Face in the Workplace:

Eleanor Hogg of Watson, Farley & Williams LLP, Julian Hooker of BBraun, Samantha Corcoran of Deminos and Kirsty Mclelland of Arthur J Gallagher.

Congratulations to you all, I hope you find the book useful!

*Webinar: A seminar or other presentation that takes place on the internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions and sometimes answer polls.

A webinar is usually a live presentation with an element of interactivity, so that participants can really take part. Style and content can vary considerably. I’ve seen some that look like TV’s Question Time, with the camera on a panel of speakers. Others are all slides, where you don’t see the presenter at all. The presenter is able to choose whether they show the participants themselves or slides; they can also control a chat room that is visible to everyone and choose whether or not to mute participants’ microphones. usually the webinar is recorded so that it can be watched again.

I believe they have huge potential as learning tools. They can be more engaging than some e-learning due to the ‘live’ aspect. they can also be part of a learning solution, as a way of keeping learners on track during longer development programmes.

You may have seen webinars with variable quality and aims. Some webinars are used as sales tools or as a taster for a longer programme, others as a cheap way to ‘dump’ information.  Our webinars will be interactive, live online learning seminars covering a range of people management skills. 

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