“Can you do some coaching skills training for our managers?  Can you do something different? We’ve done the usual models and we’re bored of them” said the client. I said it was no problem. After all, coaching skills is one of my most popular training requests.

My client’s request sent me on a mission to look at coaching models old and new. After scrambling my brain in a sea of acronyms, flow charts and Venn diagrams, I sat back and had a long hard think about what I was looking for. It’s widely recognised that coaching skills are an essential part of a manager’s toolkit, but what is the best way of getting them to learn the basics?

Storytelling has seen a huge surge of popularity as a method of getting people to remember and learn.  I use anecdotes all the time when I’m training – but I’d never based a training course on a story before. Could I? Should I? I did – and the results have been exceptional.

Nice Day for Coaching ConversationDuring a session for the Trainers Network Northamptonshire on 16th March 2018, I’ll explain what I came up with – my Nice Day model and training programme – and how it is working.  I’ll read you the Story of Thrugmunck, give you an exercise or two using the story, and we’ll talk about storytelling as training technique.

If you would like to come along, you can book here. Spaces are limited.

If you need coaching skills training for your people and would like to know more about the Nice Day training programme, the course outline is here. Alternatively, there is a short video that explains more and shows you some of the materials here. 

If you’d like to talk through the options for your people, you can contact me on 0845 5197 571 or email julie@springdevelopment.net.



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