MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is reputedly the world’s most popular personality questionnaire, probably because we can easily grasp the four dimensions it is based on and the language it uses.

Of course, it is only a tool so can be used well or badly  (for example, putting people in boxes or typecasting) – the  important thing is the results that can be gained through skilled facilitation. This means that delegates need time and space to absorb their own  MBTI questionnaire results,  reflect on how their style impacts on those around them and consider what changes they want to make.

It is particularity effective when the whole team can work together and learn about every member’s behavioural preferences. Team Days often produce  new understanding and new ways of working agreed that leave everyone feeling more committed and  energised. I’ve yet to encounter a team that hasn’t benefitted a great deal by taking time out to focus on how they can understand themselves and each other better.

We will always talk to you to find out about your people and what you want to achieve before finalising the details of the day, but you can get an idea of possible course content here.


What delegates have said:

“I feel I have learned a lot today about different people’s styles (even my own).”

“I came with an open mind to find out more, enjoyed the day – soaking up ideas and will use towards future events and meetings”

“Useful tools to use with practice. I feel invigorated! Thanks.”

“Positive points which can be utilised and how to adapt, minimise or change negatives. Good facilitation of thinking aloud and also gives good insight into colleagues’ views”

“Really informative. Made me think about what and how to do it. Learnt ‘tools’ to use in different situations”

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