So you don’t do small talk? You have no need for inconsequential trivia? I’m sure you’d rather deal in the important stuff of life. I hear this quite often. I’m sure the perpetrators don’t intend to take the moral high ground, yet it feels like that sometimes.  Let me tell you this: If you have no interest in my small stuff, I won’t be trusting you with my big stuff.

We talk about building relationships.

Building? It implies something structured, with a brickssuitable foundation. I can hear you picking holes in my logic already. Small talk isn’t the foundation, is it? The foundation of our relationships are more important heavyweights like having aligned values, ethics, beliefs, ambitions. Of course.  

We’ve just met. We exchange introductions, pleasantries, find a little common ground. I start to warm to you, pick up clues about who you are. This is comfortable. I’m not prepared for the heavy stuff yet. But I may lay the first brick.

Julie Cooper Author of Face to Face in the Workplace “If you deal with people you need this book” Buy your copy  here

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