The One to One Toolkit


The One to One Toolkit: Tips and Strategies for Advisers, Coaches and Mentors (Paperback)

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The One to One Toolkit

If your job involves helping people to move forward in their career, learning, or personal development, then the One to One Toolkit book is for you. It explains practical models, suggests strategies for dealing with difficulties, and provides powerful, memorable tools to use with clients.

The acclaimed One to One Toolkit aims to meet the needs of people employed in the field of advice and guidance in a practical, user friendly way. Part One takes you, step by step, through a tried and trusted model for giving advice, including highlighting dangers and difficulties in a “how to” manner.

Part Two provides a more in depth model, focusing on guidance, explaining how to help your client in a professional manner when their needs are more complex. Part Three is The Toolkit – a collection of bite sized theories, tips, exercises and strategies that can be used with clients in a one to one setting.

Topics include decision making, changing perception, expanding horizons, positive thinking, learning and coaching. All the tools are cross refenced so you can find the ones that will help with particular difficulties, such as clients that are stuck in a rut, dithering, biased, negative or unrealistic. Widely used as a text for organisations training advisers. “Anyone who reads this book will find it as useful and informative as I have” Employment Adviser, Richmond Fellowship


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