The Job Interview Toolkit


Exercises to Get You Fit for Your Interview (Paperback)

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The Job Interview Toolkit

The exercises in this book  make it an excellent resource for advisers, coaches and trainers that run job interview  skills and job search   sessions.

Interviews are the most nerve racking part of job hunting, and yet many people don’t do all they can to make the right impression. Preparation is patchy, you don’t know what to wear, you’re not even sure what the company does… This book contains a simple framework that is easy to remember and will help you to get prepare for interviews.

Think TAPAS -Think Analyse Prepare Adjust Shine! Think like an Employer: Understand what the interviewer is feeling, so that you can work out how to give them what they are looking for. Analyse the Job: Make sure you understand the company and know what the job involves so you can show you are right for it. This means doing research and going through the job description point by point. Prepare the Evidence: Gather evidence of your ability to do the job and then create convincing STAR stories to help interviewers visualise you in the role.

In a STAR story you describe a Situation, the Task you needed to do, the Action you took and the Results you got. Adjust your Image, Adjust your Mindset: Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and looking the part as you walk through the door. Believing in yourself and acting the part will help the employer imagine you working for him. Shine like a Star: Make an impact! Smile, note your body language and breathing, notice how people are responding and manage your performance, using your star stories and preparation to your advantage.

TAPAS has grown out of many years of “Do Better at Job Interviews” workshops. It is written for people who don’t usually read books! It is: • short – only 126 pages • easy to read with illustrations and diagrams, examples and danger stories • practical – with things to do, questions to answer, photos to comment on, things to practise with a friend.


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