The Groupwork Toolkit


How to Convert Your One to One Advice Skills to Work with Groups (Paperback)

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The Groupwork Toolkit

From the authors of the highly acclaimed One to One Toolkit, The Groupwork Toolkit makes group work easy for anyone used to working one to one, by showing you how to recognise and transfer the skills you already have. Advisers, coaches and mentors have a wealth of interpersonal and communication skills, but may lack the experience and confidence to transfer them successfully to running groups.

The Groupwork Toolkit can help. It demystifies group work, and gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to facilitate groups, whether your group are learning new skills, or have come for advice or guidance. It explains how you can deliver brilliant groupwork by planning well, setting objectives and using a variety of training techniques.

How people learn is also covered, explaining the different ways people learn so you can adapt your style and methods to meet the needs of each group. There is a step by step model for producing a session plan, with plenty of practical tips and activities to use. Sample session plans are also included.

Lastly, sound advice on how to manage a group includes keeping the group involved and interested, and how to handle those difficult situations and individuals. If you want to develop training, teaching or group guidance skills, this book can help. If you need to provide group guidance, deliver career or job search sessions, this is the book for you. “This book has been needed by practitioners for some time… …it is going to be incredibly useful.” Lesley Haughton, NICEC Fellow


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