Face to Face in the Workplace


A Handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions (Paperback)

Product Description

Face to Face in the Workplace

Looking to improve your management skills? This is an accessible guide to every meeting, discussion or difficult conversation you will need to have. Written for busy managers and leaders who need quick solutions, Face to Face in the Workplace will equip you with all the tools and strategies you’ll need to get it right every time.

Step by step frameworks will guide you in getting the best out of the people you manage, and yourself. You will: have more productive discussions that please everyone involved; save time by knowing how to prepare effectively; never have to worry about what to say in difficult meetings; learn to get your point over more effectively; improve your people management skills – and your career prospects.

Based on research and experience in workplaces nationwide, this comprehensive handbook provides a Definition for each type of discussion; the Outcomes that you are aiming for; a plan for Thinking Ahead; and the Steps you should take, one by one. Each chapter also includes Good Practice, where you will pick up models and theories to deepen your understanding, and Warnings so that you can be aware of the dangers.

The basics of good communication are also covered at the beginning of the book to provide a firm foundation. Included: Assertive behaviour ,Explaining , Listening ,Interviewing applicants ,Making someone redundant , Saying no, Shutting people up, Introducing change ,Self awareness, Dismissing a member of staff, Personality styles, Challenging , Questioning, Credibility , Rapport, Body language, Respect , Appraisals ,Return to work interviews , Challenging attitude, Coaching , Feedback ,Conflict , The Dark Triad, Negotiating , Delegating, Exit interviews, Instructing, Influencing ,Inappropriate Behaviour, Managing your Boss, Mentoring, Performance gaps, Praising , Supervising ,Reprimanding, Supporting through change ,360° feedback.


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