Leadership brings challenges whatever the size of the business.

One I often  see is juggling  act of trying to balance the  needs of the people below you with the demands of the board. At least in this situation there can be guidance and direction for above – but what about leadership for the solo entrepreneur? They can be rudderless and sometimes struggle with self doubt if they don’t have that sounding board for decisions and ideas.  For them it is often mostly about leading yourself,  learning when to do the hard stuff and when to let go, and finding the support needed to develop and grow.

Cindy Davis is The Feel Good Coach. She works with business owners, specialising in helping them get out of their own way so that they can thrive. Cindy  has a bright and lively You Tube channel where she shares excellent content. She asked me to provide some tips on leadership,  of course I was happy to help. You can see them here:

If you have any leadership tips for small business owners, please do add them in the comments under the video, and do subscribe to Cindy’s channel if you’d like to see more of her!

If you want to discover more about leadership training or development I offer, do get in touch. You can see course outlines to give you an idea of the training  here. Training is rarely off the shelf, it is always tailored to your specific situation – and talking about possible ways forward costs nothing. You can call me on 0845 5197 571 (local rate) or email me: julie@springdevelopment.net

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