I recently ran a day’s training for a large group of senior staff on Emotional Intelligence. As highly skilled professionals, they all had many strengths and were mainly excellent communicators. Nevertheless, they found the space to reflect and explore the topic very useful. 100% of them scored the  overall quality of the training as excellent.

“Although it can sometimes feel uncomfortable and intimidating to do some self reflection, the course made me feel very at ease and felt like a safe zone. Julie was very well informed and really got the best out of the group.” one commented. Another said

“I really enjoyed the session and felt relaxed during the day. I was worried going into the session but felt at ease and definitely felt that I got a lot from the day. I intent to put some of what I learned into practice and definitely aim to improve my empathy.”

I asked them how they would describe the course. here are some of the replies:

“A very good and well paced course and was good to see another view of emotional intelligence. The day flowed well and engaged with trainer and team.”

“Really interesting, challenges the way we think and why we do things/how we react. Gives you tools to use in the workplace to help you in situations that before would be difficult to diffuse/solve.”

“You will go through a journey of self discovery that will have some real light bulb moments for you as an individual and as a team. The context is very relevant for you as a manager and a leader in your job. Keep a very open mind as you go into the training as this way you will get the most from it.”

T”he day has been fun, interesting and very relevant to our company development. Julie has a very natural ability to keep things moving along at a relevant pace for everyone. Thank you for opening everyone’s minds!”

“Varied, lots of examples, humorous, relaxing environment, no pressure. Pushed out of comfort zone but not uncomfortable. Lots of new methods to take away.”

Do you think your people could benefit from training in Emotional Intelligence? You can find the course outline here. 

We can tailor the contents to meet your specific needs – just ask.


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