Let’s face it, assertiveness is hard. Even when we know what to say or how to act, chances are that sometimes we’re not brave enough to do it, or we don’t want to stir up a reaction. The result is that sometimes we feel put upon because we didn’t speak out, or we bottle it up and fester inwardly until we snap and explode angrily.

Takes the two lasses that came on an Assertiveness in the Workplace course. They had both read several books on assertiveness so they were very knowledgeable, but the information didn’t get further than between their ears. They were both still quiet, timid, and putting up with colleagues taking advantage  of them. Neither of them were able to utter the word ‘No’. When I asked them to, they both fixed a false smile and a blank stare on their faces. They were the terrified twins.

This is where a live training day comes into its own. It can provide a safe supportive environment for delegates to rehearse some of the techniques and improve their confidence.  They can get feedback on how they’re coming across, explore what is holding them back and practise adapting levels of muscle and words to use until they feel equipped to transfer the learning back to the workplace. It’s not just for the passive – those that come over as aggressive or manipulative can benefit just as much.

If you have staff that don’t consistently behave assertively, it can have a negative effect on the rest of the team and ultimately the bottom line, so it is well worth addressing. More importantly, for the individuals concerned, giving them boundaries, strategies and coping mechanisms can revolutionise their lives.

You can see a course outline for Assertiveness in the Workplace here.  Get in touch if you’d like to talk through your specific needs; we’ll discuss what solutions might work for you.

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