I had a phone call from a journalist at the Evening Standard recently – she had seen the article on delegation I wrote a while back for Guardian Careers (you can see that here). She wanted to know if I thought that executives felt stress because they were unable to delegate.

Of course, there is an element in many of us that we don’t like to let go of tasks. Either we feel that no one else can do it to our standards, or we feel we ‘ought’ to do it ourselves, because it is some kind of failure to let it go.

Successful people know what to keep hold of and what to let go. This sounds simple, but involves not only the decision making about what is best use of our time, but also developing the delegating skills I talk about in the article mentioned above.

Most of us learn through experience – I certainly did. There were many mistakes early in my career when I didn’t give clear directions and unsurprisingly didn’t get what I wanted.  You can read the full article from the Evening Standard here.


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