Soft Skills are becoming the essential building blocks of our success. Research increasingly  identifies them as critical, especially in the workplace. How can you get your people to reflect on how they act and how they think, or what the alternatives are?

soft skillsThe Advantage is rapidly gaining a reputation as a life changing, thought provoking solution to raising awareness of the skills we need. If you want a different experience from a training course to energise your people, its worth finding out more. Through our partnership with Unimenta, we are proud to be able to offer it.

Based on the internationally successful book by Emma Sue Prince,  The Advantage is a two-day experiential learning workshop which raises immediate awareness of the seven soft skills. The are  adaptability, empathy, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. These are the skills that underpin everything else in terms of effectiveness and impact.

How does it work? – Experiential learning is about learning from real-life experiences conducted with effective debrief and reflection. It is high impact because the learning focuses on the individual and group in the moment.

How is it different?  The Advantage is a proven concept that works every time because the facilitator works with real issues emerging from the workshop. The Advantage accelerates learning, provides a safe environment to take risks and take on challenges, bridges the gap between theory and practice, produces demonstrable mindset changes, increases engagement levels, enables personalised learning and delivers exceptional return on investment. The Advantage is a simple model that can be rolled out widely without a compromise on quality.

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