This weekend, I heard that a friend and neighbour had her day’s takings stolen. Naomi has a Café Bar that runs a ‘pay what you feel’  honesty policy (or not, in this case) and does shedloads for the local community and charity.

There was a huge furore on Facebook of folk castigating the thief. Understandable, righteous indignation. We all like a good bit of that, don’t we? It’s becoming a bit of a national pastime.

Naomi cardSomeone on Facebook asked if they could donate via Paypal, so on the spur of the moment, I offered to gather donations via my Paypal account, and pass the money on to Naomi –  a virtual whip round.

Thirteen of us chipped in, I was able to give Naomi £130. Other were able to get to the café and said they would over pay, or slipped some cash under the door, Visit Banbury pledged £50 too – a great example of a community coming together (“There’s no community without unity” a wise person said on Facebook). I think that between us, we probably replaced the money that was stolen.

What was fascinating to me was where the donations came from. Of the 12 others, four were from my tribe. They didn’t know Naomi at all, but gave because I asked. Of the remaining eight, most of them gave silently. They either said nothing online, or the bare minimum, some just checking that I had received their gift. Isn’t that interesting?

You don’t need me to tell you the lessons here…but I’m going to anyway.Naomi 3

  • You have supporters. They may be silent, they may not want the spotlight or be the obvious people, but they are there.
  • Naomi didn’t ask for help. I did. I actually did very little. You can make a big difference for others with small effort.
  • Don’t equate words with actions. If in doubt, look at what people do, not what they say.

Naomi was overwhelmed by peoples’ kindness and generosity. Well done, good folk!


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